Welcome to the website of Pauls Convoy Service.

We offer you 24/24h, 7 on 7, for guiding your exceptional transports. You can count on a dynamic team that can perform the tast without any problem.

For your convenience we have placed on our website guides that you can use to place your apllications.

We would like to inform you personally at price offers-questions-problems. Please feel free to contact via phone, fax or E-mail.

Team Pauls Convoy Service.


Pauls Convoy Service specialises in the application of permits for and guiding exceptional transports. The head office in zandhoven is available 24/24 h, 7/7 at your disposal for all your questions. A fleet of a dozen private escort cars with experienced drivers-escorts are waiting for you.

The application of permits is at Pauls Convoy Service for:

  • The full compilation of the administrative file
  • framing and possibly exploring the itinerary
  • The application file to the competent authorities
  • contacting and capture the prescribed policing
  • contacting and informing all necessary authorities
  • The possibly taking verkeersgeleidende measures (car ban, shutting down a roadway, etc..)

In Short; You should only worry about your transports. Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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